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Reha Akcakaya


- "Journey With the Invisible Light," Hil Yayin, Istanbul, Turkey, 1995.
Black-and-white album of infrared images.

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- "Bir Tül Perdedir Fotograf" (Portfolio and text), Sanat Dünyamiz (quarterly art journal), No: 51, Spring 1993.
- Contribution to calendars, postcard and poster series, etc.

Writings and Translations on Photography

- "Fotograf Yazilari" (A critique on Mehmet Bayhan's book), Cumhuriyet Kitap (weekly literature review), 3 July 1996.
- "Deklansörün Masumiyeti" (On Jerry N. Uelsmann's work), Refo Fotograf Sanati Dergisi (bi- monthly photography art journal), No:16, August 1990.
- Camera Lucida - Reflections on Photography, Roland Barthes, translated by Reha Akcakaya, Altikirkbes Yayin, 1991.
- On Photography, Susan Sontag, translated by Reha Akcakaya, Altikirkbes Yayin, 1992.

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